Tax Power of Attorney Georgia (Form RD-1061)

Georgia Tax Power of Attorney (Form RD-1061) is a legal instrument acceptable for all types of taxpayer’s representatives to conduct tax affairs as the taxpayer personally could do. Georgia Department of Revenue governs the issuance of this type of power of attorney. Please type or print this form with black/blue ink except signatures.

Notarization of this document is necessary when your representative is not a

  • Registered Public Accountant,
  • Enrolled Agent,
  • Lawyer, or CPA.

Your spouse must sign this power of attorney along with you in case you file joint income tax returns.

Tax Power of Attorney Georgia (Form RD-1061) Facts

  • RD-1061 form has six sections and inputs are required in all of them.
  • Your representative must agree to sign in the section 7 under the penalty of perjury.
  • You must provide truthful information under the penalty of perjury according to O.C.G.A. § 48-1-6.
  • Select Tax Matters to allot in section 3 carefully.
  • Executing and filing this tax power of attorney cancels all previously issued power of attorneys immediately.

How to Fill the Power of Attorney for Tax in Georgia

Step 1: Provide your name, TIN, and phone number along with your spouse’s name SSN, and phone number if your spouse and you file joint income tax returns. Provide your mailing address to complete section 1 of Georgia Tax Power of Attorney RD-1061. Then enter the name, phone and fax number, and mailing address of each representative on separate lines in section 2. You may enclose additional schedule in case you want to appoint more than two representatives.

Step 2: Enter the date of death in the case of Estate tax and then carefully select the tax matters from nine options or provide details on the line reserved for other tax matters in section 3. You must strike out the tax matters you do not want to allot. Please mark the box in section 4 and enclose a copy of previously executed power of attorney in case you do not want to revoke it by issuing this power of attorney.

Step 3: You and your spouse must sign before witnesses and/or a notary public of Georgia State in section 5 after entering the printed name, date, and title if any. Your both witnesses must sign after entering their printed names and mailing addresses on the respective lines. You may proceed with notarization willfully.

Step 4: Please ask your representative/s to complete a Declaration of Representative in section 7. Each representative must provide information about the designation, licensing jurisdiction or authority, registration number, signature, and date in the respective spaces. Each representative must use separate line if more than one.

Revoking the Georgia Tax Power of Attorney

You as taxpayer and signing principal of this Georgia Tax Power of Attorney RD-1061 can execute revoking document to cancel it. Alternately, filing a new tax power of attorney in Georgia State cancels this legal instrument unless its retention is specified.