Durable Power of Attorney Texas Form – Basic

Texas Durable Power of Attorney – Basic is a legal instrument you sign and execute to grant powers to attorney-in-fact to carry out financial transactions on your behalf in case a physician declares you incapacitated to do so on a later date of executing statutory power of attorney under directives prescribed in Section 752.051 of the Texas Estates Code. However, this power of attorney does not authorize the attorney-in-fact or any persons to take health care decisions of any kind. The appointed agent must act in line with the requirements furnished in Durable Power of Attorney Act (Subtitle P, Title 2, Estates Code) or he/she is liable to prosecution under Chapter 32 of the Texas Penal Code.

Durable Power of Attorney Texas Facts

  • You must select the powers to allot by signing before each power listed in this Texas Durable Power of Attorney Basic or sign before the option N to grant all powers.
  • You may choose to specify special instructions to increase or decrease the scope of powers granted to the attorney-in-fact.
  • Please appoint trustworthy attorney-in-fact as you grant unopposed powers unless this statutory power of attorney of Texas State is revoked in writing.
  • You must select the correct option to execute this legal instrument immediately upon signing it or on a later date upon the declaration of your incapacitation to make your own financial decisions.
  • Notarization of signature is necessary for execution and legal standing of this statutory power of attorney.

Steps to Fill the Texas Durable Power of Attorney Form

Step 1: Enter your name and address on the foremost line of Durable Power of Attorney Texas Form and then the name and address of the attorney-in-fact under the appointment.

Step 2: Sign with initials before each power to grant it to the attorney-in-fact. Alternatively, sign with initials before the option N to grant all powers listed in option A to option M.

Step 3: Mention special instructions about gifts. Then specify any other special instructions to enhance or limit the scope of granted powers in case you wish so.

Step 4: Select options between A or B to define the mode of execution of this Durable Power of Attorney in Texas State. Option A is considered valid in case you do not make any selection or strike out any option.

Step 5: Sign and enter this power of attorney before the notary public of Texas State to complete preparing this Texas Durable Power of Attorney Form.

Revoke a Durable Power of Attorney, Texas

Texas Durable Power of Attorney Basic is revocable by executing the power of attorney revoke form. In addition, death of the signing principal, occurrence of event mentioned in this power of attorney, divorce with spouse in case the spouse is attorney-in-fact, and appointment of a permanent guardian to the estate of the signing principal are liable to terminate this power of attorney immediately. The powers granted to the attorney-in-fact are withdrawn immediately upon the order of the court to suspend the power of attorney and/or appoint a temporary guardian of the estate of the signing principal.