Durable Power of Attorney California Form

California General Durable Power of Attorney form is a legal instrument proposed to grant powers to an appointed agent to carry out financial transactions on your behalf as if you are performing them. The document is in line with California Probate Code Section 4400-4409 and 4120-4130. This legal instrument permits the agent to handle, sell, dispose of, and convey your personal and real estate property. You also authorize the agent to use your property as surety in case the agent borrowing funds on your behalf. The term “Durable” indicates that this legal instrument remains in force forever unless the date of termination is mentioned in it. Therefore, select trustworthy agent.

Durable Power Of Attorney California Facts

  • You have the choice of granting specific powers to the agent. Select appropriate powers from 13 options listed in the form or alternatively select option “N” to grant all the powers at once. You may strike out powers not allotted to the agent.
  • Notarization of this legal instrument is necessary for its legal standing, especially when you select option A and/or option B to grant powers.
  • You may also limit or increase the scope of powers granted to the agent by providing Special Instructions in the space provided for the same.
  • You must confirm that your designated agent signs above the printed name in acceptance of the terms, conditions, and regulations as directed in California Probate Code Section 4400-4409 and 4120-4130.
  • Read provisions pertaining to Authority to Delegate, Appointment of Successor Agent, Right to Compensation, and Choice of Law along with the jurisdiction to understand the scope of coverage of this legal instrument.

How to get a power of attorney in California?

Step 1: Ensure appointed agent inserts date and signs above the printed name on page 2, Declaration of California POA Form

Step 2: Specify your and agent’s particulars like legal name and address on page 2.

Step 3: Select the powers to allot carefully by signing with initials before each power to grant and strike out otherwise. Sign before option “N” in case you wish to grant all 13 powers mentioned above. Provide Special Instructions if any, to enhance or limit the scope of powers granted. Specify successor agent if any.

 Step 4: Complete the California Power of Attorney Form by inserting the date, your Social Security Number, and signature. The next portion of the document has space for Notarization and Acknowledgement of the Agent along with Preparation Statement.

Revocation Information

California General Durable Power of Attorney remains in force forever unless revoked by issuing the instrument of revocation. In addition, you as a signing principal may specify the date of natural termination of the legal instrument. You may opt to submit the instrument of revocation in-person or online as per the provisions available.