California Vehicle/Vessel Power of Attorney Form

California Vehicle Vessel Power of Attorney Form REG 260 is a legal template intended to allot powers to appointed agent to complete documentation needed during the transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle or a vessel under the California Vehicle Code §1652. You must use this form to grant powers to attorney in fact/agent to sign papers necessary during securing California registration and/or to transfer the identified vessel or vehicle. Please use ink to sign this form. Please refer to section Unacceptable Use of a Power of Attorney to understand the limitations of using this power of attorney. Use this legal template only for transactions pertaining to a motor vehicle or vessel described in this form. Duly complete this Vehicle Vessel Power of Attorney Form in California State and sign in the necessary fields for its legal standing and execution.

Information about Vehicle/Vessel Power of Attorney Form, California

  • This California Vehicle Vessel Power of Attorney Form must contain VIN/HIN identification number of the vehicle or vessel in addition to name of attorney in fact, and your signature in acceptance to issuance of the power of attorney.
  • You may choose to issue REG 262, Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form; however, it does not void the use and validity of REG 260, Vehicle Vessel Power of Attorney Form in California State.
  • You must submit a copy of duly completed power of attorney form in the office of California DMV in your county of residence.
  • Please complete this REG 260 form in duplicate and keep a copy with you for your reference.
  • This power of attorney form does not grant broad and sweeping powers to the attorney in fact.

How to File a Power of Attorney for Vehicle/Vessel in California

Step 1: Enter Vehicle or Vessel identification description like identification number, year and model, make, license plate number, and motorcycle engine number as applicable in the foremost portion of California Vehicle Vessel Power of Attorney Form.

Step 2: Continue by entering your printed name. Use a separate line for each co-owner of the vehicle or vessel. Then enter printed name of agent/attorney in fact on the next line.

Step 3: Enter date, city name, state, and zip code after signing this form with ink. Please type your DL, ID, or Dealer number. Use separate lines for each person if more than one person is signing this California Vehicle Vessel Power of Attorney Form. Complete this REG 260 form in duplicate and retain a copy for your reference.

Terminating a Vehicle Power of Attorney,California

You as signing principal of this power of attorney may choose to terminate it by issuing a revocation in writing and signing it before a notary public of California State. However, you must send a notice of termination of the power of attorney in writing to the attorney in fact by certified mail with return receipt. Such termination is considered valid upon serving such notice to the attorney in fact.