Durable Power of Attorney Wyoming Form

This Wyoming Durable Power of Attorney template is in accordance to the Title 3, Chapter 5, and Article 1 of 2010 Wyoming Statutes. The document proposes granting powers to take financial decisions on behalf of the signing principal even in the case the principal is incapacitated due to instability or inability of living in a healthy mental state. Nominated and appointed “attorney in fact” has rights to act as an equal to the signing principal. Select a trustworthy “attorney in fact” and/or successor agent/s for safety and protection of your interests.

Review sections 1 through 9 of the power of attorney to find out the provisions and your rights vested in it. Signatures of two witnesses and notarization of the power of attorney are mandatory.

Wyoming Durable Power of Attorney Facts

  • You as a signing principal grant powers to the “attorney in fact” to act on your behalf for taking financial decisions. The attorney in fact is in capacity to serve these powers to his/her own will. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to appoint a trustworthy “attorney in fact” or “agent” to protect your interests and rights.
  • You must read provisions in 3.XI subsection to understand Restrictions on Agent’s Powers.
  • You must understand that the power of attorney signed and executed before two witnesses and the Notary Public of Wyoming State is DURABLE in nature. What it signifies to you is this legal instrument is only ineffective upon its revocation and/or through the provisions of the law to discharge it.
  • Specify if you intend to appoint a successor “attorney in fact”, in the case of the inability of the “attorney in fact” to serve you in Section 9 of the power of attorney.


Step 1 – As a signing principal, you must provide accurate name and contact details of yourself and the attorney in fact under the appointment. Your social security number is required.

Step 2 – Fill in the particulars of successor agent if any, in Section 9, Substitute Agent.

Step 3 – You must sign in front of two witnesses and Notary Public of Wyoming State to complete and execute the General Durable Power of Attorney.

Step 4 – Signatures of two witnesses and notarization are required for execution of the power of attorney in the space provided for the same.

Revocation Information

The term General and Durable in the title of the power of attorney carries immense significance in terms of the execution of the powers granted to the attorney in fact. This legal instrument is revocable upon execution of a Wyoming Revocation of Power of Attorney in the prescribed format. This General Durable Power of Attorney is effective until such revocation is executed by you.