Montana Statutory Power Of Attorney Form

Montana Statutory Power of Attorney form empowers an attorney-in-fact to make decisions and act on your property inclusive of your money, in your place, irrespective of your ability to take action for yourself. The POA forbids the agent from making health care choices for you. The agent’s authority is meant to continue till you die or revoke the POA or he/she quits or is unable to act for you, not unless if stated otherwise.

Facts about Montana statutory form power of attorney

  • Read through the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, Title 72, chapter 31, part 3, to appreciate the implication of authority over subjects listed on the POA form.
  • This form allows for the designations of only one agent. An additional agent(s) (coagent) should be named under special instructions.
  • Be keen to appoint a successor agent(s) who should take over if your agent quits. Otherwise, the Power of Attorney will terminate.
  • Understand the requirements for nominating a “conservator of my property” and a “guardian of my estate.”

How to get Montana Statutory Power of Attorney?

  • STEP 1: Name the agent of your choice, and provide his/her address and telephone number.
  • STEP 2: Grant general power to your attorney-in-fact or any successor agent, by marking each subject you want to take account of in the agent’s general authority. If you want to award authority over all the issues, mark “All Preceding Subjects” option.
  • STEP 3: Specify special instructions concerning the POA, including the dates it becomes effective, if not immediately.
  • STEP 4: Add your signature, your name printed, address, and telephone number for the POA to become active.
  • STEP 5: Acknowledgment and notarization will be done by the Montana notary to officiate the legal document.

Revoking a Power of Attorney in Montana

A Power of Attorney will be revoked if:

  • The principal dies
  • The agent is unwilling or unable to act for you, and no successor agent was named
  • Nullify the POA legally

The date specified to end the agent’s authority has come