Iowa Statutory Power Of Attorney Form

Iowa statutory power of attorney form authorizes an agent to make verdicts relating to your property for you. It grants power to your attorney-in-fact to act and decide with reverence to your property including money regardless of your capacities to act for yourself. Iowa Uniform Power of Attorney Act, Iowa Code chapter 633B, expounds on the importance of subjects enumerated in the POA template. Nevertheless, the POA form does not empower an agent to make health care decisions for you.

Facts about Iowa Statutory POA

  • The agent’s authority is valid until you die or revoke the POA, or if the agent quits or is incapable of acting on your behalf.
  • You can give specific authority to your attorney-in-fact, which under normal circumstances he does not have. Granting these permissions can reduce your property or alter how your assets are distributed upon your death.
  • An agent is liable for damage that may result after acting outside or violating the authority granted to him.
  • You should be keen when designating a successor agent(s), conservator of your estate, and guardian of your person. Ensure that you read the provisions attentively.

How to Fill-in Power of Attorney in Iowa?

  • STEP 1: Name your designated attorney-in- fact and provide his/her address and telephone number.
  • STEP 2: Grant overall authority to your agent. Make sure you initial any item you want to include in the agent’s general authority. By initiating “All preceding Subjects,” you will grant authority over all the subjects. The power granted should follow the Iowa Uniform Power of Attorney Act, Iowa Code chapter 633B.
  • STEP 3: Assign optional special instructions to your attorney-in-fact on the POA form.
  • STEP 4: Append your signature for the POA to become active, then fill your name, address, date, telephone number, state, and county on slots provided on page 4.
  • STEP 5: Ensure that the document is Acknowledged and notarized through signing by the public notary in charge.

Revocation of Agent’s Authority or Revoking the Iowa POA

The authority of an attorney-in-fact is terminated if:

  • The principal dies
  • The principal revokes the power of attorney or the agent’s authority
  • The purpose of the POA is achieved