Indiana Tax Power of Attorney (Form 23261) (R7/6-10)

Indiana Tax Power of Attorney form also known as (Form 23261) (R7/6-10) allows you (taxpayer/principal) to grant authority to a representative(s) (agent) to represent you before the Department of Local Government Finance or Indiana Board of Tax Review or County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals, on tax matters. An agent can act for you on tax issues relating to real property or personal property. Your attorney-in-fact(s) is authorized to obtain and scrutinize confidential tax information, act in regard to tax matters specified in line 3 of the form, including signing any contract, consents or other documents.

Facts concerning the use of Indiana Tax Matters Power of Attorney

  • Filling this POA automatically revokes former Power(s) of Attorney concerning tax.
  • The POA for allows for more than one principal and agent.
  • An attorney-in-fact must be a Certified Property Tax Representative pursuant to 50 IAC 15-5-5.
  • Notarization of your POA is vital before it takes effect.
  • Your agent must affirm and attest on the document for it to become active.

How to get Power of Attorney in Indiana?

  • STEP 1: Provide your taxpayer information that includes; name, address(es), last four digits of your social security number, employer identification number, and telephone number, on the spaces provided on line 1 of the POA form.
  • STEP 2: Add the details of your selected attorney-in-fact in line 2.
  • STEP 3: Select the matter you want him/her to represent you.
  • STEP 4: Specify the tax matters you want to be represented, your tax form number and duration for representation.
  • STEP 5: Issue additions or deletion to the subjects authorized in the POA.
  • STEP 6: Sign, date and add your printed name on the slots given on line 7 to commission the POA.
  • STEP 7: Notarization by the public notary and declaration by your representative.

Revoking a Tax Matters Power of Attorney, Indiana

Your POA stands revoked if you:

  • Fill a new Power of Attorney
  • Die
  • If you fill a Revocation of Power of Attorney Form for Indiana